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bock auf kunst

September 9 – 11, 2016

Opening: Thursday, September 8, 7pm
Neues Fabrikgebäude, Rosenplatz, Collini Areal Hohenems
Schweizer Straße 59, 6845 Hohenems

with AMúR Wien (Renate Burger), Maria Bichler, Songül Boyraz / Peter Höll, Hannes Egger, Julia Felder, Miriam Hamann, Oliver Hangl, Eva Kees, Kollektiv K__K (Charlotte Coosemans & Martina Feichtinger), Mann&Klamm, Michail Michailov, Rainer Noebauer, TAB (Therese Leick, Philippe Jans, Charles Rauchs & Wilhelm Scherübl) with Falk Kremzow and ÜÜ (Norbert Mayer & Alfred Vogel).

The festival series "bock auf kunst" started last year in summer 2015 and goes now into the second round. 
Next to the festival base with the group exhibition at Neues Fabrikgebäude at Collini Factory Hohenems various artistic interventions, performances and workshops will take place from September 9 – 11 in different locations in and around Hohenems. Concerts and culinary events as well as the bock auf kunst –Treffpunkt complete the artistic programme.

Miriam Hamann, Ohne Schritt

The festival works as temporary think tank and offers space for discussion and reflection. The artistic works deal with the current socio-political situations as well as historical references using different creative means and media while trying to question the current happenings as well as looking at what connects us rather at what separates us. This year the festival focuses on "Wanderung", German term often translated into "wandering" or "moving from one place to another", and migration in a rather general sense such as culture in motion. Some artists deal with these themes in a more subtle way, others in a rather experimental and explicit way. 

At the Neues Fabrikgebäude at Collini Factory Hohenems  Songül Boyraz shows her new photo series "Game Over". Next to "Allah korusun / Gott behüte" produced with Peter Höll, which was already shown at the Istanbul Biennale 2005. The installation "Ohne Schritt" by Miriam Hamann deals with phenomena like series, mass, order and effect. "emoji analogue/the nudes" is a photographic series by Eva Kees, where the dicital original communication form, the Emoji, is translated into an artificial as well reversed analogue image. Michail Michailov’s video work "Refuging" shows the artist himself in a mountain area. His video work throws back one’s own mood whether you offer refuge or are looking for one. Here the question arises where to find a solution for these recurring patterns. The project by TAB (Therese Leick, Philippe Jans, Charles Rauch and Wilhelm Scherübl) with Falk Lennart Kremzow presents in form of a publication a dystopia of Europe. An extra to the regular festival programme is "r e c o l l e c t i o n"  by Rainer Noebauer–Kammerer, a work in public space that was started last year at "bock auf kunst 2015“ and the results can now be seen a photo works.    

Group Exhibition "bock auf kunst"
Neues Fabrikgebäude, Rosenplatz, Collini Areal Hohenems
Schweizer Straße 59, Hohenems
Opening hours:  FR and SAT noon–3pm, SUN from 7pm 

bock auf kunst – Treffpunkt
Marktstraße 33, Hohenems
Opening hours: FR and SAT from 3pm

Interventions, Performances, Workshops & Side–Events

Friday, September 9

Artist-in-Residence: Maria Bichler 
Open Studio: FR and SAT, 3-5pm 
Location: Marktstraße 29, Hohenems 

from 3.30pm 
Kollektiv K__K: "Bring a banana and we will send our coordinates!"
Performative Installation
Location: Alter Rhein, Hohenems (location will be announced at bock auf kunst – Treffpunkt)

Oliver Hangl: "Flüstertunnel"

Location: City center Hohenems

Location: bock auf kunst – Treffpunkt
Marktstraße 33, Hohenems

Saturday, September 10 

Julia Felder, Theater zum Leben: "Hier / Dort. Eine Vision, in der sich Grenzen verschieben dürfen"
Location: Neues Fabrikgebäude, Rosenplatz, Collini Areal Hohenems
Schweizer Straße 59, Hohenems

Artist-in-Residence: Maria Bichler 
Location: Marktstraße 29, Hohenems 
Open Studio: FR and SAT, 3-5pm 

AMúR WIEN (Renate Burger): "Ein Platz an der Tafel“ – micro-cosmic dinner
Culinary event with music 
Location: Jüdisches Museum Hohenems, Schweizer Str. 5, Hohenems

Sunday, September 11

4 – 6pm  
Hannes Egger "Tänzer Aaron"
Hip-Hop Dance-Workshop with Aaron Amoatey
in cooperation with Jüdisches Museum Hohenems
Location: Salomon Sulzer Saal, Schweizer Straße 21, Hohenems

Artist-in-Residence Maria Bichler: presentation 
ÜÜ - Norbert Mayer, spoken word / Alfred Vogel, soundz
Location: Neues Fabrikgebäude, Rosenplatz, Collini Areal Hohenems