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on site on tour: hohenems

July 15 - July 24, 2015


An invitation for project submissions on site on tour: hohenems (working title) in Vorarlberg, Austria. 

Visual artists and architects from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are invited to submit project ideas.

Submission deadline: April 12, 2015


- countryside-city migration
- urban transformation
- migration of production centres
- space as product

Dealing with the current situation and/or history of Hohenems (Vorarlberg/Austria) artists/architects are invited to submit ideas for the exhibition.

on site is a non-profit art organisation working internationally for the promotion of emerging visual artists. Through the realization of national and international exhibitions and projects we aim to encourage international exchange and mobility as well as to support young artists to present themselves also beyond their national borders. on site brings contemporary art to new places, to sites that are not primarily known for its art scene and are outside the usual art hubs. The exhibition format on site on tour plays with the idea of artistic mobility. on site on tour: hohenems will take place from July 15 to July 24, 2015 in a factory building (300m2) in Hohenems as well as include public spaces of the city of Hohenems.


Suggested projects can be either projects that already exist or project concepts that have not been realized yet. The following formats are conceivable: visual arts; performances/ lecture performances; interventions (also in public spaces); installations; concerts/ club formats; workshops, etc. 

Please submit in digital form the following documents (max. 3 MB)

- short description of the project in German or English (with a maximum of 1000 characters).
- in the case of existing projects: include a comprehensive documentation with photographs, and an audio or a video documentation of the work as an external link (Vimeo, etc.).
- in the case of project concepts: Include a schedule of the project‘s development and realization 
- a suggested budget
- contact data
- curriculum vitae

Selected artists/architects will be notified by the end of May 2015.   

Submissions should be sent to: office@onsite-artprojects.com