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on site moscow:

after the end of history

May 27 - June 17

Opening: May 26, 7 pm
Artists talk: May 26, 5.30 p.m.; moderated by Valentin Diaconov (art critic and curator, Moscow)
Venue: The Peresvetov Gallery
Address: Avtozavodskaya metro station, Peresvetov per. 4/1, Moscow, Russia
Open hours: Tue-Sun, 11am - 8pm

On 26th May the Peresvetov Gallery and on site cordially invite to the opening of the exhibition after the end of history

on site presents three emerging contemporary Austrian artists for the first time in Moscow.


Katharina Gruzei, Eginhartz Kanter & Wolfgang Lehrner are invited to produce a new body of work on site. The exhibition after the end of history reflects on the influence of history on today’s artistic production. Hence, the artists will be looking at historical underlying ideologies influencing today’s role of exhibition/public/non places in Moscow while raising the question of what comes after the end of history.


Katharina Gruzei works with photography, film, video, installations, performances, new media, sound and objects. Her interest lies in the use of media as a political as well as socio-cultural tool. In her projects, she relates to archives, works site-specifically and on current social topics.


Eginhartz Kanter deals with aspects of the public space. He makes use of different media such as installation, wall painting, object, video and photography. He either develops site-specific outdoors  projects, or creates media works exploring public spaces, to be displayed at exhibitions.


Wolfgang Lehrner’s work focuses on the observation and visualization of locally determined characteristics of cities and "in-between" spaces, as well as the resulting global transformability.

The idea behind this exhibition format is the promotion of artistic mobility as well as transnational artistic exchange. Consequently, for 2016 on site projects plan an exhibition of Russian artists in Vienna in cooperation with curators Kristina Barekyan, Simon Mraz, Valerie Mühlenburg and Annunziata Schmidt-Chiari.


Moscow City Galleries Network is a project of the Department of Culture of Moscow, dedicated to culture decentralization and modernization of the cultural organizations. The association consists of 18 exhibition halls located in 10 districts of Moscow.

Peresvetov Gallery is placed near Avtozavodskaya metro station in Moscow, and has been open for almost three decades. It presented shocking actions of the art underground of the 1980s; conceptual exhibitions and performances of the СLAVA (Avant-Gardist Club), and improvised shows of "The Order of Courteous Mannerists" in 1990s. Such famous artists like Avdey Ter-Oganyan, Vladimir Dubosarskiy, Aidan Salakhova, Valery Koshliakov began their careers at Peresvetov Gallery. The Gallery is an area of art experiment, innovative ideas and modern use of classics and archaic; it is one of the legendary centers of Moscow art life. Since 2014, the curator of the gallery is Larisa Grinberg.

The Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow sees itself as a co-operational partner and contact point for Austrian artists, cultural institutions and scientists for the initiation, planning and implementation of Austro-Russian and Austro-Belarusian cultural and scientific projects. The Cultural Forum is also a platform for network and discussion for artists and scientists in Russia, Belarus and Austria.The programme of the Cultural Forum, which is developed and designed in cooperation with Austrian, Russian and Belarussian partners, aims at introducing and presenting Austria as a European cultural country abound in tradition and contemporary art.

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