on site art projects

On the final day of the opening weekend of ice ice baby, we want to invite you to two - very different, but mutually grand - performances.

On Saturday (2 - 3pm), visitors are very welcome to come to TBA21–Augarten where Trajectories - a concert with accompanying visual art by Sigurdur Gudjónsson - is taking place. Pianist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir performs a piano composition by Anna Thorvaldsdóttir. The Icelandic artist Sigurdur Gudjónsson focuses on video as his artistic medium. In his audio-visual works, the image is on an equal basis with the sound to create a distant, but at the same time intensely beautiful atmosphere.

The main components of the visual part of the performance Trajectories are light, sand and motion. As the image is linked to the sound, the motion of the image is generated by the piano music. The point is that all different sound waves are visualised and therefore visible for the audience, while on the acoustic level some of these sound waves remain hidden for the human ear. This work is a play with visual and acoustic perception, the perception of harmony and balance. But Trajectories would be misread, if you consume it only in a mental way, because it also is about creating a bodily experience. The visitors are invited to walk around in the room filled with light and darkness at the same time, movement and sound.

The name of the second performance on Saturday (5.30 - 7.30pm) at the Theseus Temple at Volksgarten; two performances take place one after the other and each lasts 30 minutes) is CONNECT - ADJUST – REPEAT. The group of three female artists, who are performing this new work especially developed for on site iceland, calls themselves The Icelandic Love Corporation. This denomination tells us about their work: it is a group of artists from Iceland; we find an ironic linguistic play with the connotation of a business concern – which can be seen as paradigmatic to the ironic charm of all their works – as well as the term love, which is the central theme in their art.

While every other event during the opening weekend, as well as the visit of the exhibition ice ice baby, is for free, you have to buy tickets (via office@onsite-artprojects.com / 25 €) for The Icelandic Love Corporation´s Performance in Theseus Temple at Volksgarten, because only a limited number of visitors can be part of the performance. This is not the kind of performance in which the artists are staging something, but a special moment of a collective experience between artists and visitors. The most important aspect of the performance CONNECT - ADJUST – REPEAT is the formation of a personal moment for all the participators. That is why the performance is not documented, no photographer and no video camera will preserve this unique moment. Additionally, in order for the performance to be successful, it is important that all visitors follow the dress code: black!

In addition to these special performances, both artistic positions, Sigurdur Gudjónsson and The Icelandic Love Corporation, are included in the exhibition ice ice baby with video works – drop by, it is definitely worth seeing them!