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Darja Filippova, Blogger for the OFF-Biennale in Budapest, will keep us up to date about selected events during the OFF Biennale.

But first, some infos about the OFF-Biennale in general, which will be on from 
24 April – 31 May 2015. This and more info you can find on ther website as well!

The first edition of the OFF-Biennale Budapest is now on with a series of exhibitions and art events in and beyond the city of Budapest. Its concept is different from traditional biennials as we know them. Not affiliated with any institution, it is a voluntary collaborative initiative of artists, groups of artists, curators, art managers, gallerists and collectors. OFF-Biennale Budapest is a civil initiative, whose aim is to bring a segment of culture, contemporary art, closer to the public at large. 

More than 150 artists and curators are presenting their projects in more than 30 different venues. OFF-Biennale Budapest programmes will be presented across Budapest, in other Hungarian cities and abroad at a wide variety of venues: not only in art galleries but also in artists’ studios, vacant buildings, private apartments, bars, cafés and public spaces. 

on site went there last weekend for the opening and we are highly impressed by this initiative! So, in case you are close Budapest, don't miss it!